Title I Program

The Title 1 Annual Meeting will be Wednesday, October 7th, 2020 at 3:30pm in Mrs. Linn’s room!

Bronaugh Title I Program

The Bronaugh R-VII Elementary School is designated as a Title I building.  Title I is a federally funded program that carries the overall goals of:

  • Ensure students have opportunity to high quality education
  • Achieve proficiency on assessments
  • Close achievement gap of low performing students
  • Early intervention

Title I buildings are either Targeted Assisted or Schoolwide.  Bronaugh Elementary is a Schoolwide Title I building.  The general aspects of a Schoolwide building are:

  • Easier access to services
  • Service/Funds building wide
  • Eliminates Multiple Criteria requirement
  • Title I personnel access to district resources
  • PD and Collaboration
  • Decisions based on data
  • Needs based on MAP, EOC, etc
  • PreK transition
  • Parent Involvement

The services provided at Bronaugh Elementary under Title I funding are:

  • Preschool Program- Half Day-Constructive Curriculum
  • Supplemental Services K-6- Communication Arts
    • Pull out with supplemental teacher
    • Push in/Pull out with paraprofessional
    • Multiple Criteria applied for selection

Parent involvement activities associated with the Title I program are:

  • Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • Parent Volunteers (Forms Available)
  • Back to School Night
  • PAT
  • PTO

Homeless Liaison:
– Whitney Hinkle – Counselor – [email protected] – 417-922-3211

Foster Care Contact:
– Travis Wait – K-12 Principal – [email protected] – 417-922-3211

Schoolwide Program Plan